Food & Beverage Projects

Opcode Systems has extensive experience in the roofing industry, from the quarry to the roof tops.  Our programs control crushing systems,  color blending, filled coating systems,  shingle lines, laminators, pattern cutters and length cutters.

Opcode Systems has provided the automation for all areas of the manufacturing of classic roofing shingles such as 3-tab and laminated as well as rolled roofing products. 

From the crushing plants to the coloring plants to the shingle plants, Opcode Systems has been involved with the batching systems, the coating and filler systems, the granule coloring and blending systems and the continuous manufacturing machines for the shingle lines, laminators and rolled roofing. Other projects include:

> Oat Mill Retrofit

> Hot Cereal Lines

> Bar Forming Line

> Palletizers

> Cartoners

> Sorting Line

> Shredders

> Baggers

> Blending lines

> Sugar coating line

> Loss-in-weight feeder control

> Weigh Belt & Scale Upgrades

> Cooker Drive Upgrade

> Plant Electrical Drafting

> Process Line Modernization

> Raw Material Processing

> Cereal Filling Station

> Engineering Service Assistance

> Cake Mix Batch Control System

> Dry Ingredient Batching System

> Syrup Batch Control System

> Cold Cereal Extrusion, Sheeting Table, and Process Oven Integration

> Flo-Wrapper Installations

> Vertical Form, Fill Installations

> Grain Cleaning & Handling Process Optimization