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> Porcelain Grinding Control System

> Vacuum System Modifications

> Vacuum System Upgrade

> Graphic Operator Station Program Modifications

> Cimplicity & MS Access VPI & Oven logging application

> Large Motor Coil Press Control Upgrade

> Large Motor VPI & Oven Control Upgrade

> AC Traction Motor Test Facility Control

> Automated Hydraulic Presses

> Coil Spreader

> Low Voltage Test Sled Upgrade

> Large Motor Special Test Programs

> High Voltage Test Sled Upgrade



> Software & Design of Low Voltage Test Sleds for Motor Test Bay

> Power Management System for Plant & Main Test Bay

> Large Motor & Generator Set Control, Starting, Cooling, & Lubrication Systems

> MMI Interface for Main Test Bay

> Control System Design & Implementation for Main Test Bay

> Phase 2 Voltage Endurance Test Control System

> Generator Coil High Voltage Endurance Test & Control System

> Sewage Works Project - Pump & Level Controls

> Propulsion & Winch Control

> Zirconium Tube Heat Treat Machine for Nuclear Industry


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